Certificate of Madrid Chamber of Commerce

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid introduced the two levels of Business Spanish Certificate (C1-Certificate and C2-Diploma) to offer companies a reliable means of evaluating the linguistic competence of their staff and to promote the Spanish language as a resource of international communication in the business field.

After receiving the certificates in business Spanish, many students have recognized that their job situation has considerably improved.



Nowadays, Prague University of Economics and Business in cooperation with the the Spanish chamber of Commerce permit to obtain these certificates:

BASIC CERTIFICATE IN SPANISH FOR BUSINESS (Certificado Básico Español de los Negocios B2)

It recognizes a survival level in the Spanish language and basic knowledge of business Spanish, enough to carry out routine activities in the workplace. The candidates´ language competence allows them to communicate in everyday situations and to participate in basic administrative and commercial activities within a company.


ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN SPANISH FOR BUSINESS (Certificado Superior de Español de los Negocios C1)

It certifies a high command of the Spanish language and knowledge of business Spanish. The language competence is assessed in the business field, both on oral and written expression.


DIPLOMA IN SPANISH FOR BUSINESS (Diploma de Español de los Negocios C2)

It certifies a high level competence in the business language, It focuses on the study of economic and commercial topics in Spain and its influence on the Latin American countries.