Diplomas in French for Professions (DFP)

In an increasingly competitive global market, businesses seek capable workers that are adapted to a globalized world. Among sought-after qualities in employees, fluency in multiple languages is an indispensable asset. French is one of the more valuable languages to master.

Not only is French the third most widely spoken language in the business world, it’s also the official language of the francophone world, which is comprised of 83 countries on 5 continents, containing 16% of the world’s population.

Certifying your ability to work in french in your job sector, no matter your level (A1- beginner to C1 – advanced), will make you a more valuable job candidate. Our university enables you the certification in all three proposed study areas: business, tourism and international relations.


The Diploma in French for Business will enable you to certify that you are able to use oral and written French in an effective manner in the principal situations of professional communication, and that you are fully prepared to handle the interpersonal, administrative and commercial aspects of company business.

It is destined to any students or professionals who work in French or will be required to communicate in French in a professional context, and wish to validate their acquired knowledge with a diploma.

This diploma is intended in particular for company staff or government personnel working in any position requiring them to communicate with French-speaking contacts orally or in writing.


The Diploma in French for Tourism, Hospitality and Catering assesses the level candidates have attained in comprehension and expression, both written and oral, by evaluating their performance of professional tasks: reservations, advising clients, or giving guided tours.

This diploma responds to a need for training and certification in professional French among the staff of restaurants, hotels, or travel agencies who are not native speakers of French, in view of their engagement with French-speaking clientele, or their advancement in a French-speaking market.

This diploma is intended for professionals in the hotel, tourism and food service sectors whose tasks include receiving customers. Some examples might be receptionists, station attendants, travel agents, tour operators, tour guides, activity leaders, servers, and headwaiters.


The Diploma in French for International Relations was created at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the International Organisation of la Francophonie. Both institutions support the use of the French language within international organizations and in international political and diplomatic exchanges.

This diploma was created with the pedagogical collaboration of the French Department of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.

It assesses the level candidates have attained in comprehension and expression, both written and oral, by evaluating their performance of professional tasks specific to the field of international relations: articles, conventions, presentations, negotiations.

It responds to the need for training and certification in professional French among diplomats, international officials, and journalists, whose first or second working language is often French.

This diploma is intended especially for executives from international or regional organizations who need to use French in the context of their professional activity, national administrative officials likely to play a role in the work of international or European institutions, and journalists.