1. The student chooses two MANDATORY subjects from the following offer (12 ECTS):

2AJ501 Commercial English (C1) 6 ECTS
2RO501 Commercial French (B2/C1) 6 ECTS
2NJ501 Commercial German (C1) 6 ECTS
2RU501 Business Russian 6 ECTS
2RO561 Business Spanish (B2/C1) 6 ECTS
2RO531 Commercial Italian (B2/C1) 6 ECTS


Course code Lecturer Syllabus
2AJ501 PhDr. Zdena Pošvicová,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158307;lang=en
2NJ501 Tobias Cramer, Ph.D.;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en
2RO501 PhDr. Dominika Kovářová, Ph.D., MBA;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en
2RO561 PhDr. Ludmila Mlýnková;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en,Dohledat=Dohledat,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=152993
2RU501 PhDr. Martin Filip, Ph.D.;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena

2. The student chooses two MANDATORY OPTIONAL subjects focused on specialized written language from the following offer (6 ECTS):

2AJ509 Anglo-American Academic Writing (C1) 3 ECTS
2RO315 French – Advanced Writing (B2/C1) 3 ECTS
2RU502 Russian Academic Writing 3 ECTS
2NJ398 Introduction to Translating and Interpreting (C1) 3 ECTS
2RO372 Spanish – Academic Writing (B2/C1) 3 ECTS
2RO532 Italian Academic Writing 3 ECTS


Course code Lecturer Syllabus
2AJ509 PhDr. Zdena Pošvicová,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158310;lang=en
2NJ398 Mgr. Iva Michňová, Ph.D.;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en
2RO372 PhDr. Lada Hazaiová, Ph.D.;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en
2RO315 Mgr. Kateřina Dvořáková, Ph.D., MBA;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena
2RU502 Siarhei Harbitski, Ph.D.;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena;lang=en;zpet=/katalog/,jak=dle_jmena

3. The student chooses two OPTIONAL subjects from the following offer (12 ECTS):

2AJ503 American Civilization (C1) 6 ECTS
2AJ502 British Civilization (C1) 6 ECTS
2RU401 Economic and Cultural Life in Russia 6 ECTS
2RO503 Effective communication in Business – in French (C1) 6 ECTS
2RO505 French-speaking Countries – Economics and Politics (B2/C1) 6 ECTS
2RO461 Effective communication in Business – in Spanish (C1) 6 ECTS
2RO462 Civilization of Latin America (B2/C1) 6 ECTS
2NJ419 Culture and History of German Speaking Countries (C1) 6 ECTS
2RO431 Economics and Politics in Italy (B2/C1) 6 ECTS


Course code Lecturer Syllabus
2AJ503 PhDr. Ing. Rudolf Chalupský,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158309;lang=en
2AJ502 PhDr. Ing. Rudolf Chalupský,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=152490;lang=en
2RO462 PhDr. Olga Vilímková, Ph.D.,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301jak=dle_jmena;predmet=152985;lang=en
2RO503 PhDr. Dominika Kovářová, Ph.D., MBA,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158812;lang=en
2RO461 PhDr., Mgr. Marcela Vrzalová Hejsková, Ph.D.,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158807;lang=en
2RO505 PhDr. Janka Priesolová, CSc.,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=152990;lang=en
2RU401 Siarhei Harbitski, Ph.D.,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=158851;lang=en
2NJ419 Tobias Cramer, Ph.D.,Dohledat=Search,obdobi=301,jak=dle_jmena;predmet=152683;lang=en